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Petra Bielčík - online marketing

Petra is responsible for online marketing and Hackerlab web developement. Petra is engaged in UX, SEO and marketing strategy creation.




Petr Juhaňák - instructor

Hackerlab founder and lead instructor. Peter is ethical hacker and security professional holding CISSP, CEH and eCPPT certifications.

I began as web and PL/SQL developer. After few years I became Oracle database administrator. I was interested in technical security from the begining and I started to build hacking labs at home. Every single day I read security books or practice in my lab. That's how Hackerlab was initialy created. Now it serves as learning platform for junior ethical hackers.


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WABANK – OWASP Top 10 testing

WABANK is deliberately vulnerable web application for security testing according OWASP Top 10 report. Application is free for non commercial usage only.      …

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Kali linux – keep your tools up-to-date

There is lot of hacking tools available in Kali linux but early or late every package becomes older. What we can do with that? In…

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Firewallking (en)

This is an english version of firewalking the rest is in czech


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Petr Juhaňák
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Czech Republic

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